Lieje´s waffles with sourdogh

I was crazy to bake Lieje´s waffles since a friend brought me pearl sugar from Belgium but, you know, always with my personal twist… adding sourdoug instead of yeast and a portion of whole durum wheat to make them less guilty pleasure.

I think that this kind of waffles are the most similar you can find to the ones you see in funfair´s food tracks but with an extra bonus: you can prepare the batter the night before and have a lovely breakfast the following morning like I did  myself.

This is not a bread dough so there´s no need for kneading but mixing the ingredients… the texture is similar to a Victoria sponge.

Previous night you mix in a bowl:

  • 100 gr wholemeal durum wheat
  • 150 gr organic plain flour
  • 50 gr stiff sourdoug
  • 40gr water
  • 100 gr light brown sugar
  • vanilla bean paste (optional)
  • 110 gr butter, room temperature
  • 2 eggs
  • 60 gr pearl sugar

We mix all the ingredients and make sure the the butter is well incorporated. Finally we fold pearl sugar.

Let the mix rest about and hour and the put into the fridge overnight.

For breakfast heat the waffle iron and spoon the mixture and cook until is golden brown.

We had them with golden syrup and they were delicious.



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