Citrus Madeira Cake with tritordeum durum wheat


Madeira cake is a classic that I adore. It is a buttery cake which caracteristic is to spring in the oven, no matter if you bake in a loaf  or cake tin. It is usually topped with a simple glaze and candied peel. It is really easy to prepare and also delicious.


The ingredients for this cake are really easy but I wanted to give it my personal twist by adding tritordeum durum wheat and , honesly, it is a good twist.


  • 150 gr room temperature butter
  • 120 gr golden caster sugar
  • 4 free range eggs
  • lemon, orange and tangerine zest
  • 200 gr tritordeum flour+2tsp baking powder



The first thing that we need to do and never forget is preheating the oven at 180º.

We mix the butter with the sugar until is creamy and soft. Then we add one egg after another , waiting until each one is well incorporated.

We mix the zests with the flour and baking powder and add to the batter. It is important not to overmix in order to avoid the gluten development… If anytime you ended up with a gummy and not spongy cake now you know the reason.

As you can see I chose a loaf tin to have enough batter to fill it and have a good volume.

For the glaze I used orang juice and icing sugar and for the topping home made orange candied peel.

I don´t know if you agree  but for me a good classic cake pushes away the most colourful and trendy one.





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