Whole spelt sweet buns with orange, honey and aniseed


I have no alternative but starting this post with the quote I love it when the plans comes together… because when a recipe is running through your mind and in the moment you carry it out it ends as a success the only thing I miss is a cigar…

The first thing we need to do is cooking a small orange in a pot with a star anise seed for around 20 minutes. This way we take all the flavour and no bitterness. Once the orange is cold we weight and add cold water until we have 160 gr. We will blend it  to have a smooth paste.

For 8 magnificent buns we need:

  • 160 gr smooth orange paste
  • 160 gr whole organic spelt flour
  • 340 gr organic strong flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • 120 ml whole milk
  • a medium egg
  • 8 gr fresh yeast
  • 60 gr runny honey
  • 15 gr black treacle
  • 20 gr light brown sugar
  • 1 ts ground aniseed
  • 50 gr butter at room temperature
  • white sugar, some drops of sugar for topping and hot honey for brushing

I must be honest… I used the hand electric mixer. First I put in the bowl the flour, salt and yeast, second the orange smooth paste. I like to mix always in low speed and let the ingredients come togethet slowly. This step is very important because depending on the kind of flour we use it will absorb more or less liquid. In this case whole spelt ans strong white wheat usually absorb more liquid than normal plain flour and besides we are going to add more wet ingredientes.

Little by little we incorpotate the rest of the ingredients: milk, egg, honey and black treacle. I wanted to eat this buns without filling so I added 20 gr of sugar… this step is your choice! While we continue mixing in low speed we add the butter, spoon by spoon.

After a few minutes we´ll end up with a smooth dough. We place it in a covered bowl and leave it to rise . Pay attention: spelt wheat ferments very fast so don´t get distracted.

Once the dough is almost double, pass it to the working surface, deflate, and divide in 8 equal portions. Shape into balls and leave the to prove on the baking tray. Within 30 minutes it is time to preheat the oven at 2oo degrees.

Just before bake we cut the buns in the middle with a sharp knife and fill them with wet sugar.

We´ll have to bake them for 20 minutes. We they are ready we pass them to a wire rack and, still warm, brush them with warm honey for a shiny look.

Personally I think they are perfect with a big cup of tea in these chill days.







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